500 Christians murdered in targeted attacks since June

More than 500 Christians have been killed in Ethiopia, in the Oromia region (which stretches from the east to the southwest of the country), says a report from a British Christian organization, Barnabas Fund.

It’s a chilling number. More than 500 Christians have reportedly been slaughtered in targeted attacks in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, which stretches from the east to the southwest of the country, since the end of June. This figure comes from a report produced by the British Christian organization Barnabas Fund which is based on the compilation of various Ethiopian press articles including that of the journalist Belay Manyaye which focuses on the areas he has personally visited.

It was the murder of singer Hachalu Hundessa, Monday, June 29, which ignited the powder. Islamists armed with “guns, machetes, swords and spears” have sued Christians, reports the Barnabas Fund. An Ethiopian Christian leader has called for an international investigation into the massacre of hundreds of Christians, including pregnant women, children and entire families. During these targeted attacks, children were forced to watch their parents being massacred with machetes.

The Ethiopian government has suspended the internet in the region for several weeks in an attempt to reduce incitement to violence through social media. Government security forces have been slow to intervene to put an end to these atrocities but several arrests have since been made, regional reports assure.