No more artificial fertilizers and insecticides: An Ethiopian student shows how to garden in an environmentally friendly way

Asmelash Dagne from Ethiopia is a specialist in permaculture and a student in Cottbus. In Neuruppin, he turned Christiane Hoppe’s garden upside down and shows that with clever planning you can do without the chemical club in the garden.

Asmelash Dagne from Ethiopia converts the Neuruppiner garden to permaculture. Nothing works here without good compost.

Education: Like his father, Dagne first became a teacher. He found his first job at the age of 20 in the southern district of his hometown, in a farming village where another language was spoken. “I learned that on the side,” he says. Since then he speaks four languages ​​and is also learning German. The school in the village was made of clay and there were no tables or chairs. “We sat on the floor.” There he taught science to 12 to 15 year olds. So that they wouldn’t get bored, he set up a school garden with them. He received support from an ethnologist from Turin who did research there, who raised funds for a cistern to collect the rainwater. It was he who taught him a course in permaculture.