Bolivian mayor doused in red paint and dragged through the streets by protesters

After the mayor was accused of organizing a pro-government mob, antigovernment protesters kidnapped her, cut her hair and doused her in paint.

LA PAZ, Bolivia — In a spasm of violence related to last month’s disputed presidential election, protesters kidnapped the mayor of a small town in central Bolivia on Wednesday, forcibly cut her hair, drenched her with red paint, made her sign an improvised resignation letter, then marched her through the streets barefoot, witnesses said.

The protesters had accused the official, Patricia Arce, mayor of Vinto, of orchestrating a pro-government mob that tried on Wednesday to break up an antigovernment blockade, a clash that resulted in the death of an antigovernment protester, officials said.

Ms. Arce is a member of the party led by President Evo Morales, who claims he won a fourth consecutive term in the Oct. 20 election by a sufficient margin to avoid a runoff. But opponents contend that the election was marred by fraud and have paralyzed the nation with protests that have erupted into clashes with security forces. At least three people have died in the demonstrations.

Violent protests continued in La Paz, the capital, on Thursday night with reports of clashes involving Molotov cocktails and at least four people wounded, including two police officers.

Source: New York times