Betoch Drama – Part 252 (Ethiopian Drama)

Betoch is an Ethiopian television family sitcom starring Tilahun Gugsa which has aired on Ethiopian National Broadcaster ETV since 2013. The show airs every Saturday and focuses on a middle-class Ethiopian family living in Addis Ababa (the capital of Ethiopia). The gained wide popularity among the broader Ethiopian public as it was the first sitcom ever aired in the country.
The patriarch to the family Zeru (Tilahun Gugsa) and Azalu (Makda Haile) is his wife. They live with their four children Meraf (Gelila Raesom), Bezabe (Fikadu Fasil), Erestae (Melat Tesfaye), and Yebekal (Ashenafi Mehalet). Although the show is comedic in nature, it does touch on serious subjects from time to time, such as corruption.