Asnakech Worku, the Master of Kirar

In the era where woman had nothing or so little power to be as their wish, but the courageous Ethiopian Artiste Asnakech Worku bravely distinguished herself from the rest of her generation, and left behind a household name that may take a few centuries’ to fade.

To make a long story short, The intrigue female Kirarist who was formerly an orphan from birth has graced the Ethiopian history by being the first female stage dancer, actor, backup singer , poet, storyteller that has no match so far.

As a little girl, Artist Anekech Worku (1933-2011) has taught herself how to play Kirar and went to become a master entertainer by appearing on countless stages, public gatherings, shows , concerts across the land and contributed her own contribution in Ethiopian art.

However the end of this dazzling gifted kirar lady looked so hostile and sad. Fame turned its face on her in defining days and being bedridden for a long time was her last fate before her death.

– Eduardo Byrono