The new law in Ethiopia faces two years in prison for not wearing a mask.

The Ethiopian Attorney General set out new restrictions on the coronavirus this week, according to which all citizens must wear masks or sit in prison for up to two years, according to Reuters.

Concerns that citizens were becoming too relaxed about the spread of the virus led to the new rules, Reuters reported.

“Now it is as if COVID is no longer there, the public does not care,” tweeted Health Minister Lia Tadesse, according to Reuters on Thursday. “This will lead to a possible increase in the spread of the disease and could pose a threat to the nation.”

Under the new law, citizens face fines and sentences of up to two years in prison if they fail to comply with the new restrictions, as the Ethiopian attorney general has pointed out in a Facebook post.

Other countries around the world have started to take a stricter approach to protect citizens from the coronavirus as well. Ireland recently put in place a nationwide lockdown to keep the number of cases from rising.

The number of coronavirus cases worldwide has reached more than 41,396,000, causing more than 1,133,000 deaths worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins.