Endalkachew Zenebe comments on the controversy between Josi Gebre and Manalmosh family

Recently Manalmosh Dibo family alleged that Joseph Gebre (Josy in Z house) took advantage of them. Manalmosh family claimed Josi has not paid them the income generated from her music video and also has not received money collected on their behalf i.e they claimed Josi has collected a lot of money on their behalf. Mistre released a music video in 2015. The music was produced by Josi and uploaded on the DireTube YouTube channel. So far it has been watched 8.7 million times.

In 2014 Josi presented the late singer Manalmosh Dibo’s family oh his show, during his Easter holiday program. The family had no house at the time and need help. Manalmosh left three kids i.e two daughters and one son. After the program was aired, the family received help from different organizations and individuals. The government got them a house, Mistre has gotten a scholarship that covers all of her academic expenses (from 8-12th grade), Yirgalem, Manalmosh’s son, also got a sponsor that helped him to finish his college. They also got a sponsor for their sister who has medical issues.

Josi has not responded yet.