Fileklek show first round – Part 1

In this episode, one new comedian ‘Protest’ against the comedian.

Balageru was established in 1997 by Abraham Wolde as balageru records. It has been involved in recording, advertising, marketing communication and production agency operating in Ethiopia. For the past 20 years the company has been producing a number of Award winning art works and has helped our country’s art and media communication standard to stride ahead. It has created a platform to help upcoming Ethiopian artists exceed their potentials. It has secured a unique place in the Ethiopian audience soul through its comprehensive extraordinary historical, social and cultural artwork and attunement to all Ethiopian citizens, nation and nationalities culture and traditions. Balageru is well known for its talent show entitled “Balageru Idol” which has created a unique platform to all Demographic.

Balageru television, since its early conception in 2012, by its founder has been working very hard to launch a channel that can satisfy the need of Ethiopians that reside in Ethiopia, North American and elsewhere. Ethiopian immigrants around the world will benefit from our Television programming that promotes Ethiopian history, culture, tradition, lifestyle, investment, tourism, current affairs, sports and entertainments. Our long term aim is to create an African presence where we could attract Africans to subscribe to Programming that not only concentrates on one or two countries but rather almost all nations. Balageru television, conceived to inaugurate fresh approach to television content which is perpetually generative in sourcing and sponsoring new talent & new products from the creative entertainment industry worldwide.