Egna Ena Egna – Genet Nigatu interviewed by her youngest son

Egna Ena Egna is the first reality show produced by Genet Nigatu’s family. Genet Nigatu is an Ethiopian movie and TV show star. Recently she and her family started their own reality TV show which is aired on YouTube. He kids, Kidus Mulugeta,Meklit Mulugeta, Dawit Mulugeta, and Le’ul Mulugeta

Children are full of questions and parents have obligations to answer all of them. The family said “In our family, we believe in answering any questions.”

Today, Genters’youngest son interviewed her. Among the question he has asked his mother, he asked his mom why she and his dad divorced and wanted to know if they divorced because of him. He also expressed his regret that his mom and dad are separated. Though Gent and her ex-husband, Mulugeta, divorced, they co-parent their kids and are good examples of how separated couples should raise their kids
Enjoy the latest video from Genet’s family!