Aleme – Part 5 (Ethiopian drama)

Aleme is an Ethiopian comedy-drama that aired on EBS TV, The drama makes us think of our environment. There’s probably a “Qagne” in your life who is always dependent, a Belete who had an allergic of English language, the driver who afraid of his wife. That is why it is very easy to relate with characters and it becomes fun to watch them. The actors are great at playing their parts. The chemistry between the ensemble is really great.

It might be the only of its kind. Many sitcoms have tried to include older actors as the main character and become the best show but no show has been able to do so.

It is a relatable show. Besides the fact that the characters are like our friends, the show is relatable because it is about the transition of people in their 20’s and 30’s, the transition of children into students, the transition of old friends in to rich and poor.

The legend and young artists take a role in this drama. Mekonnen Leake, Selemon Teka, Zenebu Gesese, Henok Alemayehu and Alemayehu Belayneh are some of the popular artists that participate in this drama.