Ethiopian paintings and icons

The religious paintings on wood, canvas or goatskin as well as the murals to be admired in the churches and monasteries have developed an independent characteristic in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian painting is recognizable by its strong color palette, the complete absence of perspective, the frontal depiction of the persons and above all the typical representation of the faces with very large eyes. Ethiopian icons have a more folksy, simpler character than the Russian icons known to many people.

They are still produced in elaborate handcraft in Ethiopia and usually decorated with ornate carvings (especially crosses). An Ethiopian peculiarity are small cape icons made of wood or metal that are still worn today by priests and monks on the clothes. Also, sculptors have embraced the depiction of Christian scenes and suggest icons of Ethiopian marble.

Very popular motifs in the Ethiopian painting are the Mother of God with the Christ Child and St. George, as he is considered the patron saint of Ethiopia. In addition to the saints we know, above all saints from the history of Ethiopia are portrayed.