Exhibition: Acha Debela, Draftsman, Painter and Digital Artist

A retrospective Art Exhibition titled Acha Debela, Draftsman, Painter and Digital Artist celebrates 45 years of artistic production samples of the Artist’s work.

“A creative work is a series of mental and physical exercises whereby conceptual issues as ideas are manifested and or revealed in a cultural space. Experienced cultural architecture with its material objects and rituals and or festivities as filtered via color, form and texture. Sometimes they are symbolic and abstract and at other times, mystic and dreamy, exiting and even nightmarish but worth the journey. The resultant visual artistic products are important processes whatever the media. My work involves my memories of the past and experiences of the present negotiated with the unknown cyber-land and with a hopeful future. I enjoy the journey that creativity provides both as a traveler and an observer. I invite my audience and specially my students to do so as well.” – Achamyeleh Debela

Event: Art Exhibition Celebrating 45 years Hosted by Achamyeleh Debela

When: Sunday, November 1 at 2:00 PMboardboard