Wayne Yarada Lij 5 – Ethiopian Movie

Wayne Yarada Lij 5 is Biruk Tamru’s movie. Previously Biruk has produced, Yarada Lij , Mogu Yarada Lij, Yabedech Yarada Lij, Yemechish Yarada Lij, Nekie Tiwled, and Birr. Additionally, he produced series show, Wega Wega.

Edelewerk Tassew. Alemseged Tesfaye, Makbel Henock, and Mohamed Miftah stared in Yabech Yarada Lij movie. Enjoy!

The Cinema of Ethiopia and the film industry in general is a relatively recent phenomenon in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian film industry is growing but faces many problems that have prevented it from fully flourishing.[1] Historically live stage theater enjoyed more popularity in Ethiopia, creating a handful of relatively successful stage actors.