Liverpool hosts Chelsea

What are they saying?

Simon Mignolet insists Liverpool’s multi-faceted threat this season mean comparisons with the 2014 title stumble at home to Chelsea are pointless.

“The way we play now, after six years at the club, is completely different to what it was then. We had a big chance [in 2014] but we were relying on the quality of Luis Suarez’s goalscoring, whereas now we are more together.

“We don’t concede many goals, and the threat comes from different angles rather than just one player.

“In that sense we are more solid than when we were back then when we were relying on individual quality and individual players.”

Maurizio Sarri has urged Chelsea supporters to respect Liverpool’s tributes to the Hillsborough victims on Sunday, the day before the 30th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

“I think it’s really a very good opportunity for our fans,” said Sarri.

“I didn’t want to speak about the video [of Chelsea fans singing about Mohamed Salah in Prague] because, as I said, I didn’t see it, so it’s not right in my opinion to speak about something you don’t know.

“But for our supporters it’s a great opportunity. I’m sure that 99 per cent of our fans will have a very great day in Liverpool.”