Huge Midweek: Bayern v Liverpool

Over the last few days, one of the main points that Jurgen Klopp has been discussing with his Liverpool players is how to navigate a seismic Champions League second leg now they don’t have a significant advantage. That, after all, is pretty much all this group are used to with him in this competition.

They had leads of three goals or more from all three of their first legs last season: 5-0 against Porto, 3-0 against Manchester City, 5-2 against Roma.
So, this 0-0 going to Bayern Munich marks a significant break from the trend for the team – but also for the competition.

Since 0-0s are now so genuinely rare at this level, it is even rarer to have a match so delicately poised. This might well be the most knife-edge second leg we’ve seen in years. That is no exaggeration and does not just apply to the scoreline.
There’s also the marginally wavering situations of two very equally matched teams, that Klopp also alluded to before the game.