Arsenal brought Denis Suarez into a dying creative midfield

Arsenal brought Denis Suarez into a dying creative midfield, so if he isn’t out there, starting, than what is the point of this?
Arsenal head into Huddersfield with two things on their mind – how can we create chances and how can we ensure a win? That is all that needs to concern them. Defense? It will be fine. Taking chances? Not a problem. A firm midfield foundation? Easy.

There are so many options at Unai Emery’s disposal, none of which are that appealing, barring one. Mesut Ozil could actually earn his keep – not a fan of that. Aaron Ramsey could play and remind us all why he shouldn’t be leaving – that’s tough. Henrikh Mkhitaryan could start – I guess that isn’t the worst idea. Alex Iwobi can play too – after Manchester City, spare me.

There has been a lot of talk lately about what purpose Denis Suarez is here to serve. Is he just a squad player, or is the hope that he will develop into something more?

The answer can be ‘both,’ but the answer really should be that he is here to fix the problem, which would then make him the most appealing option out there, even with it just being a little over a week into his North London career.