Police call for DNA sample from Cristiano Ronaldo

In order to advance the investigation into the allegation of rape, football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will deliver a DNA sample. It should be compared with traces on the dress of the plaintiff.

As part of the investigation into the rape allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo, the police in Las Vegas have requested a DNA sample of the football star from Italy. The “Wall Street Journal” reported on Thursday, citing a prosecutor. There had been an “official request” to authorities in Italy. DNA evidence would be collected in the same way as in other cases of sexual assault. The US-American Kathryn Mayorga had accused Ronaldo of having raped her in 2009. She has filed a civil action against him in Las Vegas.

The then 24-year-old Portuguese had met her there in a nightclub, invited him to his hotel suite and then raped her, according to the complaint. He then apologized and stated that he was “usually a gentleman”. As an important piece of evidence in the case Mayorgas dress of said evening. The DNA was found to be different from their own, the Wall Street Journal reported. The sample from Italy, where Ronaldo plays for the club Juventus Turin football, will now be compared with this sample. Only when all the evidence is collected, the police should hand over the case to the prosecution, which decides on a possible indictment against Ronaldo.

Lawyer: “DNA not surprising”

Ronaldo has rejected the allegations. His lawyer Peter Christiansen described the process as routine. “Mr Ronaldo has always said, and still says today, that what happened in Las Vegas in 2009 was a mutual agreement, so it’s not surprising that there is DNA, and not that the police make this request in their investigations “Christiansen. In October, the 33-year-old multiple-time world footballer told the French magazine “France Football” that “the truth will come to light”.