Zeritu Kebede – Fikir (Ethiopian Music video)

Zeritu Kebede was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on February 19, 1984. Her father Kebede Woldegiorgis was an architect and her mother Engida Mitiku was a housewife, who was thirty years younger than her husband.

Zeritu grew up in Gulele Area in northern Addis Ababa. She was brought up in a strict manner and isolated from the other children of the neighborhood. However, Zeritu spent most of her summers at her maternal grandparents who were very liberal and very close to their neighbors. There, Zeritu got the opportunity to meet and play with kids from families with different social statuses.

After eighteen months in the studio, in September 2005, Zeritu’s self-titled album was released. The album that included songs like ‘Endaygelegne,’ the first single from the album, ‘Athidibigne,’ the youth’s favorite, ‘Deg Abate Kifu Balua,’ a song which was critically praised for its lyricism and Zeritu’s personal favorite ‘Yane,’ became one of the most successful albums in the history of Ethiopian music.

From March 2006 to April 2006, Zeritu went on a national tour ‘Guzo Zeritu’ and performed in major Ethiopian cities including Addis Ababa, Adama, Hawassa, Dire-Dawa, Harar, Bahir-Dar, Jimma, Mekele, Dessie, and Gondar. The tour was the first of its kind and also included another famous singer Abinet Agonafir who wrote and performed ‘Akal le Akal’ a duet with Zeritu for her debut album. The tour was backed by the Mehari Brothers Band, which was founded by Henok Mehari.

Zeritu played an important role in the production of Eyob Mekonnen’s debut album released in 2007. She wrote the songs ‘Tiwedegnalech’ and their duet from the album, ‘Yene Qonjo’. Zeritu also wrote Eyob’s single ‘Yefikir Akukulu’ which was released later.

Zeritu then toured the United States with the Mehari Brothers and played on a few stages in Europe and in the UAE. She also started experimenting with Jazz and acoustic bands performed several stages.

Jean Albert Levier, the director of the environmental documentary ‘Les syndrome du Titanic’ has used Zeritu’s song ‘Yane’ as the soundtrack for his film, which is based on the best selling book of the well-known French ecologist Nicolas Hulot.

Film career
In December 2012, Zeritu picked on her career in acting and film production when she began the production of the film ‘Kemis Yelebesku’let,’ later released in January 12, 2014. Zeritu co-wrote, produced and acted in the film, and wrote and performed the soundtrack song of the film ‘Alehu,’ produced by the renowned Abegaz K. Shiota who also scored the music of the film.

In the film, Zeritu plays a slightly tom-boyish college girl who refuses to date stating it is a waste of time since we all really are alone. The character eventually finds love and gets in touch with her femininity that nature initially intended. The film has been a national success, being acclaimed by viewers and by critics. Zeritu’s second acting role came when she wrote acted in ታዛ.

Zeritu is in a production of her third film, ‘Pagumen,’ which she wrote, and will co-produce.