Arsene Wenger’s success journey

Arsène Wenger born 22 October 1949 is a French football manager and former player. He was the manager of Arsenal from 1996 to 2018, responsible for the club’s fifth period of success. His contribution to English football through changes to scouting, players’ training and diet regimens revitalized Arsenal and aided the globalization of the sport in the 21st

century.Ten big titles, spectacular football – nobody has shaped Arsenal in the past few decades as coach Arsène Wenger has. Now the club announces: The end of the season is over.Wenger has changed the club from the ground up. Before the Frenchman moved from Japan to London, Arsenal was known for his defensive, rarely rousing style of play. Wenger but formed from the Gunners a team that always acted offensively. With his short-pass play and the eyes for talents like striker Thierry Henry, who became a world star under Wenger, the coach coined not only the club but the English top football. In the 2003/2004 season, the coach and his team entered England’s history as they remained unbeaten in all 38 games and became champions.

However, Arsenal was a long way from that glory days. The title 2004 was the last championship. Last season, the club missed for the first time under the coach a placement in the top four and thus the Champions League.