Teddy Afro’s stage performance in Washington DC, DMV area, 2018

Teddy Afro held his concert in Washington DC on May 5, 2018. Many people were gathered to watch Teddy’s live performance. It was his second concert outside Ethiopia after releasing his 5th album, “Ethiopia,” in 2017.The “Ethiopia” album is his most popular work yet. It has topped Billboard’s World Album chart shortly after it was released. Teddy as been paid $300,000 USD in advance for his USA tour, which is currently underway. The video below was recorded at Teddy’s Atlanta concert on April 4, 2018.

Teddy has released five albums namely over the past decade: Abugida, Lebo, Yasteseryal, Tikur Sew, and Ethiopia. Ever album he released has become more popular that the previous one.

Teddy Afro’s fifth album, Ethiopia, reached the top of the Billboard World Albums chart in May 2017 after selling more than 600,000 copies.