Brook Tesfaye – Ema Enate (Ethiopian music video)

This is beautiful song tributed to our mothers. The reward system encourages mothers to engage with their children by rewarding caring with feelings of happiness. These make up a large part of the feeling we call motherly love. The regions of the brain that add to addictiveness in drug addicts – such as the nucleus accumbens – also become active when a mother sees her child. The release of dopamine is found to be satisfactory and oxytocin reduces anxiety reactions in the amygdala . Together, this results in a heady combination of wellbeing and love. is a fast-growing Ethiopian entertainment and sports website that was launched in September 2013. The site has over 800,000 social media followers and receives over a million page views per month. Its rapid growth is due to the fact that the site’s editors strive to produce high-quality content that the user finds highly valuable. If you have any question or inquiry, please write to us at [email protected]