• Difret: the Controversial Movie to be on Cinema Next Month

    Difret’ the controversial Movie have well accepted on two European renowned film festivals officials in, Ethiopia banned the movie over its depiction of the real life. But, now it is heared the injunction was lifted in September. Now Difret producers have announced the film will be released in US cinemas on October 23, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.

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  • Hollywood to Film Ethio-Jews Rescue Operation in1980s

    Hollywood is preparing to make a movie about the the legendary rescue operations carried out by Mossad in 1984-85 under Operation Mosses and 1991 under Operation Solomon which rescued tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews. Fox Searchlights has been reported to have bought the rights to the movie. Fox has recruited the Israeli film director and producer Gideon Raff who is best known for producing the hit TV series Homeland to head the project. Raff will write and direct "Operation Brothers" which will follow the rescue of 20,000 Ethiopian Jews in the two Mossad operations. 
    Hollywood to Film Ethio-Jews Rescue Operation in1980s
    Gideon Raff Who is going to Write & Produce the Film. (photo credit: Courtesy)

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